Off to sea!

All my life in two bags

Today seems to be the day I head off to join my boat. It was supposed to be tomorrow but there’s so much to do on the boat it’s today instead.¬† My life for the next year has been packed into these two bags, and to be honest I still probably have too much – some may well be discarded for race start in Liverpool in August.

Tomorrow is prep day for the last week of training, in which I will be training only with my team and Ga√ętan and on our boat for the race. We’ll be doing lots of emergency drills and then a race against the other teams in training. This last training week then segues directly into prep week, 9 days in which we make our boat ready for sailing round the world so I am sure this will be super busy! And then we sail up to Liverpool.

I am so looking forward to sailing with my team (which if you are on Twitter you can follow here; we do not yet have a Facebook page since we are waiting for a sponsor); I haven’t actually sailed for about 2 months, and after team-building weekend, the regular emails and the team WhatsApp group that never shuts up I can’t wait to spend time with them all. Of course I probably won’t be able to stand the sight of them by Liverpool.

Hopefully I will be able to update my blog by e-mail direct from the boat from now on, including (maybe) via satellite phone from the middle of the ocean!

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