Setting up the website…

The ‘about’ page is done – a simple link to my first post, so here’s what’s still to come at Some Like It Yacht:

  • A donate page! My first choice of charity would be the Michael Brien Retirement Fund, but I think some people might not take me seriously. So, I have decided to support the charity also supported by the Clipper Race: UNICEF. Clipper partnered with UNICEF in the 2015-16 race to raise (so far) nearly £250,000.
  • Once the race starts in August 2017 – or at least gets close enough – links to the Race Viewer. This is a page on the Clipper site with a live tracker so that you can see exactly where I am!
  • Better photographs – Clipper will be doing publicity photos, I will be taking none/some/many on my sailing adventures (number depends on inclemency of weather and sea state), most of which will hopefully be ending up here!
  • Anything else I can think of, or someone else suggests for me.
  • A thanks to my brother Patrick for the page title…

I also tested ‘post by email’ for this post; a way to send a simple text-only e-mail to update you all (via satellite phone) from the middle of the Pacific Ocean!

Finally I’d like to point out the Follow and Facebook widgets to the right: you can subscribe by email or like my page on Facebook to receive updates.

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