Off to Uruguay tomorrow! 

And I could really do with a week off.

Level 4 training followed by a hectic prep week followed by a 5 day delivery passage followed by the further prep and events of Liverpool has not given a lot of time for sleeping – this is something I’m just going to have to get used to! 

I will try and update this blog when possible (although Clipper are having some satcoms issues at the moment from the supplier, which nobody is happy about) but you can also follow us in these ways – some of which I’ve added to the menu at the top of this page:

Skipper and crew diaries from Garmin – written by Gaëtan and a random crew member – will appear here on Clipper’s website every day:

The Race Tracker, in which you can track our progress across the oceans every hour is here: – Team Garmin is the black boat! 

For daily race updates by email from Clipper, sign up here:

I’ve just had a fantastic evening with a lot of my awesome family and my best friend Hazel, and I’m feeling a little tired and emotional (and also a little drunk). 

See you in Punta del Estes!

One thought on “Off to Uruguay tomorrow! 

  1. It was a great evening, Mike, and then such lovely weather to see you all off on Sunday morning. Many good pics of you and the boat(s). Good luck!


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