10,000 miles down…

…30,000 miles to go! Leg 3 starts tomorrow (Tuesday) morning, roughly 4750 nautical miles to Fremantle (Perth), Western Australia. This takes us through the Roaring Forties of the Southern Ocean, so it should be quite tasty!

We should arrive in Australia around 21-25th November, then around 10 days in Fremantle until we leave for Sydney on 2nd December.

Cape Town has been amazing, and I even managed a couple days off from boat work (some of my crew managed rather a lot more…) to do some tourist things with Bill Lyons and other crew from my and other boats – cheetahs, wine tasting, wildlife out at Cape Point. And my left wrist even seems a bit better, although I did get a real velcro splint for it that I can use in case of further problems.

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Oh yeah, and I went skydiving too!

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