Sydney Harbour

Sailing into beautiful Sydney Harbour on a (very busy!) summer Saturday afternoon yesterday. We almost put the spinnaker up for the sail down the harbour, but after one look at the traffic promptly decided not to. Navigating round the ferries, the hundreds of yachts & motor vessels, the many fleets of children in tiny sailing dinghies (one of which we may have charged through the middle of, fortunately without running any down) was already difficult enough!

Now very much looking forward to 10 days off, Christmas BBQs and then the famous Sydney-Hobart Yacht Race which starts on Boxing Day.

One thought on “Sydney Harbour

  1. Hi Mike. Isobel and I are following your exciting expedition around the world with great enjoyment. We are flying to Australia tomorrow so will be watching your Sydney – Hobart race from Adelaide at Isobel’s sister’s house. We’ll be cheering the Pirates on so ‘ Go Garmin -stay stormy ‘. Merry Christmas to all the Pirates, best wishes, Stan.


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