New York

We crossed the finish line off New York bay yesterday afternoon (in fifth position, so not too bad), then just carried on sailing up the Ambrose channel; through the lower bay and under the Verrazano Narrows bridge where the wind finally died and we had to drop the sails.

By this time it was just getting dark so we motored towards Manhatten and past the Statue of Liberty, to dock at Liberty Landing Marina at around 10pm.

The last race was a pretty fast one, with some upwind sailing across the Caribbean Sea, a bit of a wind hole between Jamaica and Haiti, and then fast downwind sailing under spinnaker up the Atlantic. So we arrived very early giving plenty of time here before we leave again in 25th June.

Now it’s time to deep clean the boat, do maintenance jobs, and have a look around this place – as I’ve never been here before!

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