Dull grey skies of the UK

After nearly 11 months away, it’s almost reassuring to sail back into UK waters accompanied by cold drizzle and low cloud in mid-summer. Feels like nothing has changed!

We made excellent time across the Atlantic (15 days), passing the Grand Banks in some dense fog and then some fast downwind sailing up northwards to Ireland. We won a point on the scoring gate, two points on the ocean sprint, then came in third place into Derry – so a generally successful voyage all round.

Being back in the UK is rather weird after 11 months away. (Even if it is Northern Ireland on the Twelfth.) Used to boat living interspersed by various foreign countries, it’s strange being surrounded by Tesco and Sainsbury’s and British road signs and driving on the left.

Anyway, we have quite a long time here for boat maintenance and tourist stuff, leaving again on the last race of the circumnavigation on Sunday 22nd July. We are due to arrive into Liverpool about 11m-midday on Saturday 28th July, so if you’re free or in the area come down to Albert Dock!

Finally I’m still a little way short of my UNICEF fundraising goal, so if you haven’t yet please consider donating.

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