Liverpool again!

Finally after 11 months, 12 stopovers, 13 races, 5 countries and 5 ocean crossings, we made it back to England and Liverpool on Saturday.

The fourteenth race was a sprint up the river Mersey to Liverpool, which we managed to win! Strong wind sailing and upwind is one thing we are reasonably good at, having won a few of the ocean sprint bonus points over the last few races. Even if we did come rather too close to a cruise liner at one point – this pic taken from the cruise liner in question by a passenger that came to see us at Canning Half-Tide dock.

It seems like only yesterday that I was here in Albert Dock for the grand departure of the fleet; now we’re back nearly a year later, well-travelled across oceans and continents. A very strange feeling.

More strange still, yet exciting is my new nephew Jamie, and first of the next generation in my family. Born whilst I was in Punta Del Este in Uruguay and now 9 months old, I met him for the first time yesterday, and my brother Patrick and sister-in-law Emma for the first time in 11 months! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Also down at the Liverpool docks – and in the pub later! – were my parents, many other members of my family, my best friend Hazel and former work colleague Becky; so happy to see everyone after so many months away. Even got a little emotional.

Now we’re off again today to take our home for the last 11 months back to Gosport on the south coast, where the boats live between races. There’s only 8 of us on this trip instead of the usual 16 to 22 crew; sailing whilst not racing should be somewhat relaxing! (Weather dependant, terms & conditions apply.)

As to what happens next: firstly I’m going to need a week or so off! Then maybe a Yachtmaster Offshore qualification, then who knows?

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